4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2 daacebcbabbfa|Possibly These Of Us Are SO Passionate 4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2 daacebcbabbfa|Possibly These Of Us Are SO Passionate

4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2 daacebcbabbfa|Possibly These Of Us Are SO Passionate

2018 Panini Spectra Football 4-Box 1/2 Case Break #1 *Pick Your Teams*

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4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2
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Jason McDonald, Grew up on the Steel Curtain.
  • CFL field is both longer (110 yards vs. 100 yards) and wider (something like 65 vs. 50). End zones are also deeper (20 yards vs. 10 yards).
  • Goal posts are at the front of the end zone in CFL, whereas they're on the back line in the NFL. This has a few secondary effects such as extra points being taken from the 5 in the CFL (vs. the 2.5 in the NFL), and makes it more likely that a missed field goal will be returned in the CFL. (Technically, you can return a missed FG in the NFL, but since the posts are on the back line, it rarely happens because as long as a kick is long enough, the ball ends up out of play).
  • 12 men on the field for CFL, 11 for NFL. Extra guy on offense is a backfield position; on defense, it can be anything.
  • 3 downs to gain 10 yards for a first down in the CFL; 4 downs for NFL. Between this and the larger field, this tends to create a more pass-oriented game, as the short running game isn't as viable.
  • In the NFL, only a single offensive player can be moving when the ball is snapped, and the player may not be moving forward. In the CFL, any backs may be moving when the ball is snapped, and in any direction (i.e. WRs can get a running start if they time it right).
  • When a ball is fumbled out of bounds, in the NFL it goes to the last team with clear possession; in the CFL, it goes to the last team to touch it.
  • No fair catch rule in CFL; instead, no player except the kicker or a player behind the kicker can approach within 5 yards of the ball until the receiving team touches the ball.
  • Additional scoring option in CFL - the "rouge" gives a single point when a kickoff goes out of the end zone or is not returned out of the end zone.
  • 4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2 Consistent with the game's soccer/rugby roots, CFL retains the idea of an open-field kick -- that any player can kick the ball at any time -- whereas the only kicks allowed in the NFL are from behind the line of scrimmage. Check out video [1] below.

4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2
There are certainly other rule differences, but a lot of those are smaller things like how time is kept, what yardline certain plays are run from (e.g., extra points), or rules that technically exist in both but are generally only exercised in one or the other more for stylistic reasons (e.g. returning FGs above).

[1] Watch
. Since it's a tie game, Montreal making the FG OR a rouge would win the game, so Toronto put their kicker and punter back in the end zone, so that if the FG missed, they could kick it out and avoid the rouge. They kick it out, but Montreal kicks it back in, and this time the Toronto guy fumbles, leading to a touchdown for Montreal.
4-box Teams Spectra Break Case Panini 2018 Football pick Your 1 1 2
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